Creativity and Imagination are our only tools.

Iridienne is a unique collection of hand-illustrated silk scarves, printed in Italy, Como and based in Greece. The collection is created in 2023 within the wings of the artistic family dusiness "Omorfos Kosmos" since 2003, in our picturesque mountainous village Arachova.

Our designs are inspired from its roots. The village's landscape, its mystical atmosphere and its rich herritage, have formed totally the collection's spirit. The themes are endless growing up in a place bathed in traditions and customs, which are being kept reverently for the next generations. The myths are also various, for fairies living deep into the woods and dancing with their long scarves. Much more are the tales, which have been shared from our great grand-mothers, who were sewing talismans of tourmaline and blue stones on their belts in order to cross those woods.

Under this veil of imagination and creativity we illustrate with much love, passion and nostalgia our silk "canvases". There, were embodied precious fragments of extraordinary stories, childhood memories, colors, melodies and senses. All waiting to be unwrapped and narrated one more time with excitment to each one of you.

Welcome to our wonderful world!